Technical Requirements

Internet Connection

To view the video lectures you need an Internet connection with sufficient download speed:
Minimum speed: 350 kB/sec. Recommended speed > 1 Mb/sec.

You may easily test your bandwidth with


The pages are optimized for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

MP4-format Videos

The "Bioelectromsgnetism 2014" videos are in mp4-format in three different file sizes: large, medium and small.
Viewing with PC
When viewing the videos with PC, click the icon on the first column.

Viewing with iPad
When using iPad, click the icon on the second column.

Viewing with smartphone
When using smartphone, click the icon on the first or second column in the file size "small".

Flash-format Videos

Viewing with PC
All other videos except "Bioelectromsgnetism 2014" are in Flash-format.
To view the Flash-format video lectures with PC you need the Adobe Flash Player Plugin.
You may download it free of charge from:

Viewing with iPad
The Flash-format video lectures may not be viewed with iPad.

iPod (m4v) and Smartphone (3gp) Files

Viewing with iPod
with Smartphone
or with PC
To view the video lectures on iPod (m4v) or Smartphone (3gp) you may download the selected files to your PC and then upload them to your personal player.
It is also possible to view these files with your PC with iTunes and Quick Time Player. These programs may be downloaded and installed free of charge from:

Viewing with Smartphone
The m4v-videos may be viewed without problems at least with Android smartphones.

The users of EVICAB are encouraged to inform on possible technical problems.
Please, use the Feedback Page

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